Introduction for marijuana legalization essays

State and Federal laws on this drug in the United States can be compared with the laws in other countries such as Canada. The daughter struggling with the decision between using a

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Rainwater english essay

This has led to depletion of ground water which has gone to significant low level in some areas where there is huge water scarcity. The overall cost of their installation and

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Mayflower nathaniel philbrick essay

On the way back from a peacekeeping journey from the Wampanoag Confederacy, Squanto became ill with a fever and, bled from his nose in the most awful of manners (Philbrick 119). However

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Essay on vulnerable populations

essay on vulnerable populations

others before they are quarantined and started on treatment (Burki, 2010). Vulnerable populations include the economically disadvantaged, racial and ethnic minorities, the uninsured, low-income children, the elderly, the homeless, those with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV and those with other chronic health conditions, including severe mental illness.2 It may also include rural residents, who often encounter barriers. In comparison to the general population, decreased productivity resulting from required absenteeism to care for those with chronic conditions is a direct cost to employers. Caring for the Vulnerable. Table, the chronically ill are twice as likely as those in the general population to report poor health days. The numbers of these vulnerable populations are increasing, not only as the ranks of the uninsured grow, but as the population ages. The homeless population is often exposed to the harsh elements of the weather and lack access to basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and medication. The Perceived Stress Assessment Scale, the Perceived Stress Assessment Scale is a popular tool for measuring psychological stress; it is a self-reported questionnaire for individuals to evaluate situations in their lives that cause them stress (Lee, 2012).

essay on vulnerable populations

Free Essay: The Elderly as a Vulnerable Population Lauren.
NUR/440 April 9, 2012 Maria Mendez The Elderly as a Vulnerable.
Free Essay: Vulnerable Population A vulnerable population are people that have spe cific characteristics, or risk factors, that increase the probability.

Homeless people are a part of a vulnerable population who face a very real risk of developing health issues at a rate higher than the rest of the. Vulnerable populations include the economically disadvantaged, raci al and ethnic minorities, the uninsured, low-income children, the elderly. Free Essay: Vulnerable Population Paper Introduction The vulnerable population chosen for this paper is Haitian immigrants.

There is some evidence that presenteeism may be underreported and may represent a larger percentage of overall indirect workplace costs for medical conditions than previously thought.17). Retrieved from De Chesnay,. Not surprising, individuals with a chronic condition are twice as likely to report they have bad health days as those without a chronic illness.2 Overall, 83 of US healthcare spending is for 48 of the noninstitutionalized population with 1 or more chronic conditions.9 Any incremental. According to Dykeman (2011 treatment providers have to address multiple concerns of the homeless patient such as medical, psychological, social, and institutional needs including education, legal aid, housing, rehabilitation, and financial services. Health care professionals must provide culturally competent care to the homeless population and continue to advocate for their rights to shelter, health care, and financial assistance. Overall, average annual out-of-pocket spending on healthcare for those with 1 or more chronic conditions is 827, compared with 505 per year of out-of-pocket spending for all Americans. This scale has since been cut down to a 10-item scale and there is also a short, 4-item scale that can be utilized in times of urgency. Homelessness is more than houselessness: A psychologically-minded approach to inclusion and rough sleeping. Public health nurses, who work with vulnerable populations, can help with this mission by providing outreach, and assessing communities risk factors and exposures. A study of homeless mortality in England states the common age of death for homeless people is 47-years-old, compared to the national average of 77-years-old (Peate, 2013). The homeless population continues to grow steadily yet remains a vulnerable population without a voice in the community.

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